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Last Updated 06/01/07

This site is dedicated to educating people about lactose intolerance and all the hidden places that lactose (milk sugar) shows up in commercially prepared food goods.

As you might guess from the title of this site, the most insidious of the hidden forms of lactose is whey.  Whey sounds healthy.  But most people have no idea what whey really is!  Whey is about 75% lactose!  Whey is a by-product of the cheese making process.  It's really a waste product, but the clever dairy industry has figured out how to market this product to what seems like the entire prepared food industry.  It's not clear to me that whey has any real purpose in foods except to make extra money for the dairy industry (and as a sneaky way to add sugar to a product while making it sound like something healthy).

If they're not adding whey, they're adding non-fat dried milk.  That's also mostly lactose.  (Milk is essentially water, lactose and fat.  The fat is what gives milk its white color, not the calcium as you might believe.)  Sometimes you get both non-fat dried milk and whey.  I've even seen products that contain whey, non-fat dried milk and lactose!  A triple whammy!

So take a spin around the site.  You'll learn about lactose intolerance and how to avoid ingesting lactose.  And you're going to be shocked at all the places lactose is hiding. 

This site is constantly being updated, so check back often.