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Brought to you in association with amazon.com, here are a selection of books about lactose intolerance.

While LI affects millions of people in this country, try and find a book about it at your local bookstore!  Most now have a few lactose-free cookbooks, but that's it.  So I've created this page with links to the best books on the subject.  Shopping on this page is a great way to support NoWhey.org.

Use these links to purchase our featured selections:

General Books on Lactose Intolerance

cover  Milk Is Not for Every Body : Living With Lactose Intolerance  Steven Carper's great book on Lactose Intolerance.  It simply has no equal in the field.  If you want to know all about Lactose Intolerance, you need this book!

coverLiving Well With Lactose Intolerance by Jaime Aranda-Michel, MD and Donald S. Vaughn.  Not as comprehensive as Steven Carper's book, but less expensive.  If you only want one book, get Carper's. 

Lactose and Dairy-Free Cookbooks

(One of the reviews of one of these books on amazon gave the book a bad review because it contained eggs!  The reviewer felt misled because the book was advertised as "dairy-free".  Get a clue folks!  Milk does not come from a chicken!  Eggs do not count as dairy just because of where they are in the supermarket!)

cover Secrets of Lactose-Free Cooking by Arlene Burlant

cover The Lactose-Free Cookbook by Sheri Updike

coverDairy-Free Cookbook, Fully Revised 2nd Edition by Jane Zukin

cover101 Fabulous Dairy-Free Desserts by Annette Pia Hall.  Desserts are sometimes some of the hardest recipes to convert to non-dairy.  Here's a book all about desserts.

Can't find it here?

Use this link to search amazon.com for any other titles or merchandise we haven't listed here.  Bookmark this page and use it whenever you want to buy from amazon.com.  It doesn;t cost you a penny more, and it's a great way to help support NoWhey.org

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